Custom orders for Wanderer Boots are always available upon request as it is very hard to keep a stock of sizes of the popular Wanderer Boots.I am always happy to work with customers interested in aquiring a custom pair!

The price for a custom pair of Wanderer Boots is $250. To start the process for a custom order a non refundable deposit of $100 will be taken up front along with your size and boot color preference. Once a deposit has been made we will work together to create a custom design just for you! As each pair of boots are unique and one of a kind, when requesting a custom pair please keep in mind that although we can work with style ideas from previous Wanderer Boots one pair cannot be replicated exactly. Each unique pair of Wanderer boots are constructed from vintage boots and other items all sourced from vintage stores, thrift stores, craft stores and markets which makes them each completely one of a kind! They are handcrafted and designed with love using only the best of vintage boots, leather inside and out so you will have them forever. They are the perfect combination for the boot obsessed and the bohemian spirit!  Once your boots are completed pictures will be sent with the remaining $150 due at that time. Upon payment your boots will be ready to ship!

*Please allow 4-6 weeks for custom boot orders as I source all of the items myself as well as designing and creating the perfect pair! If you are interested in ordering a custom pair please contact me through the Contact page to get started. You can also visit my Etsy site to request a custom order,