⤜ WANDER ⤞ August 11 2015


Since the beginning of summer the hubs and I decided to make it our goal to wander out of the city on the weekends and do some exploring! As much as we love the city, fighting the traffic and crowds gets a bit tiring. We are both dreamers who love to get outdoors and experience new adventures and so typically there is no planning that goes into it we just head off into whichever direction we are drawn! I have to say it has been so amazing and we have had so much fun being completely spontaneous. Just like this particular weekend when we ended up in one of my favorite places, the quaint little Bavarian style town of Leavenworth WA. After cruising around the town for a while we headed out to a perfect spot we have camped in the past right on icicle creek to do a little playing in the water with the pup. I just so happened to be wearing my favorite skirt by Spell Designs which would not be the typical creek crossing attire but that was not about to stop me! The whole day ended up being so completely perfect, even down to the accidental swim I took by being pulled in by the pup. I was having such a great time I couldn't even be mad. These summer weekends are my favorite and i'm so glad we captured a few photos from this magical day! 

My skirt was left unharmed which also made me very happy at the end of the day because I am so in love with Spell and all of the beautiful pieces they create I covet every piece in my growing Spell collection! If you haven't already followed them and snatched up a Spell piece or two of your own I highly suggest doing that ASAP! It will quickly become an addiction, I promise! 


Spell Designs ✾ Margarita Crochet skirt

Feather and Skull ✾ Mustang Wrap necklace

Feather and Skull ✾ Vintage Harley tee

Minnetonka ✾ Outback leather hat

Bahgsu Jewles ✾ Cuffs (solar thunderbird cuff)