HOMETOWN HANGIN ♡ March 23 2015

I love weekend adventures especially when they involve road trips. I also really love visiting my hometown, the long drive, being on the road and that nostalgic feeling that comes over me just as I'm taking the exit off the freeway and into town! I have made that drive by myself many times through the years since I packed up and moved to Seattle to go to Art school. Usually the drive consists of a lot of singing and your typical road games to pass the time but the difference this time was that I had my partner in crime, my almost one year anniversary husband, and our puppy! Once we arrived the new adventure began. It was so much fun taking my love around the city and into the hills to some pretty amazing spots that i hadn't been to in years! For a whole day we wandered and made stop offs into some cool local spots for refreshments! It was truly one of the best days and so special to be able to show off my hometown to the love of my life, i can't wait for the next visit!
Spell Designs ◈ Bohemian Royale Kimono
Harley Davidson ◈ Vintage tee
Levis ◈ Vintage cut offs
Elle Mer Swim ◈ Leahi Top in Sand
Free People ◈ Up All Night Wedge Boot
Minnetonka ◈ Leather Hat
Feather and Skull ◈ Penny Lane Necklace