✮ VINTAGE, LACE, & ROCK N ROLL ♫ July 20 2015

I am a music freak. I love it. Everything about it, live shows, the musicians, the instruments, the people you meet with the same obsession, the way it makes you feel, everything. I love spending time crusing through record stores which I wish there were still more of. I was blessed to be raised in a family where my Dad was in bands and my Mom was a singer so my appreciation for music began at a very early age. This can be the only explanation for my complete obsession with vintage band tee's. I have so many that sometimes it's a challenge when I open my closet to put together an outfit that doesn't somehow consist of either a band tee or a destroyed Harley tee. I would like to say that this is a problem but I am a firm believer that you can NEVER have to many vintage band tee's, or Harley tee's. I am always on the hunt for a good vintage band tee and take any chance I get to run through a vintage store or thrift store to check the racks. I also spend hours scouring eBay quite often in hopes of finding the next perfectly worn in band tee to add to my collection. Finding these treasures is not easy especially when you are searching for one of your favorite bands in particular so when one of your favorite labels comes out with the most perfect rendition of a vintage Stones tour tee you snatch it up with no hesitation! When I saw this tee from Daydreamer LA it was love at first sight and believe me it has been hard not to wear it everyday since I got it. It may not actually be vintage but I will tell you that it sure has the feel and as far as this girls concerned it is absolutely perfect and definitely gave me my vintage Stones tee fix. 
The Soulful Gypsy ✦ Janis lace bells
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang wrap necklace
Minnetonka ✦ Outback leather hat