ALL THE WILD HORSES November 12 2015

Day trippin to one of my favorite places, the Gorge!  The beauty of this place along with seeing many of my favorite musicians play on the stage of the Gorge Amphitheatre overlooking the Columbia River is just a few of the reasons the Gorge holds a special place in my heart. The times I've spent camping out for a weekend here with best friends to walk down that dirt path in the evening and settle in as the band takes the stage and begins to play while the sun sets over the mountains is pure magic. It is something that must be experienced to be able to fully understand that feeling. I cannot begin to describe how much I love an adventure to the Gorge! 
Spell Designs ✦ Sunset Road Frills Dress
Van Palma ✦ Dakota Fedora
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang Wrap
Spell Designs ✦ Peasant Skirt
Cat Apolinar Vintage ✦ Legend Harley tee
Indie Frock Vintage ✦ Leather Fringe Jacket
Free People ✦ Free Bird Boots
Free People ✦ Joe Boots