The Lodges on Vashon February 06 2018

Tucked away on the hidden gem that is Vashon Island is an amazing place to get away, The Lodges on Vashon.

ALL THE WILD HORSES November 12 2015

Day trippin to one of my favorite places, the Gorge!  The beauty of this place along with seeing many of my favorite musicians play on the stage of the Gorge Amphitheatre overlooking the Columbia River is just a few of the reasons the Gorge holds a special place in my heart. The times I've spent camping out for a weekend here with best friends to walk down that dirt path in the evening and settle in as the band takes the stage and begins to play while the sun sets over the mountains is pure magic. It is something that must be experienced to be able to fully understand that feeling. I cannot begin to describe how much I love an adventure to the Gorge! 
Spell Designs ✦ Sunset Road Frills Dress
Van Palma ✦ Dakota Fedora
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang Wrap
Spell Designs ✦ Peasant Skirt
Cat Apolinar Vintage ✦ Legend Harley tee
Indie Frock Vintage ✦ Leather Fringe Jacket
Free People ✦ Free Bird Boots
Free People ✦ Joe Boots


⟢ EXCUSE ME WHILE I KISS THE SKY ⟣ September 10 2015

If it wasn't already obvious I have a bit of an obsession with Spell Designs. I love the story behind the label and how beautifully designed each piece is down to every last detail. Every lookbook is pure magic and each time they drop a new collection I go through and pick out the pieces that I just can't live without. When the latest collection, Kiss the Sky, was finally released I had already had my eye on quite a few of the amazing pieces including this gown that has quickly become the most coveted item of clothing in my closet! It is absolutely gorgeous! The color, the design, the way that it flutters in the wind and makes you feel like a fairy princess while running through the forest and the best part, it can be worn as a dress or a duster! I am so in love with Spell...and just when you think it can't get any better a new collection comes out and the obsession starts all over again!
Spell Designs ✦ Kiss the Sky gown
Bahgsu Jewels ✦ Solar Thunderbird cuff
Brixton Womens ✦ Messer Fedora
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang Wrap & Arrowhead ring

❁ SUMMER NIGHTS ❁ September 01 2015

As summer slowly starts to come to a close I can't help already thinking about how much I'm going to miss warm summer nights when it's still light out at 8 pm and you don't need to put on a jacket to go for a walk. Even though there are still a few warm weeks left you can feel the change in the air, mornings have become brisker and evenings much cooler. I do love the changing of the seasons as there is so much beauty each season has to offer and I wouldn't want to miss any of it, but I still have to say my heart will always belong to summer. You can bet I will be spending the last days of summer soaking up every last bit of sunshine and enjoying outdoor adventures.
Feather and Skull ✦ Wanderer Boots

⤜ WANDER ⤞ August 11 2015


Since the beginning of summer the hubs and I decided to make it our goal to wander out of the city on the weekends and do some exploring! As much as we love the city, fighting the traffic and crowds gets a bit tiring. We are both dreamers who love to get outdoors and experience new adventures and so typically there is no planning that goes into it we just head off into whichever direction we are drawn! I have to say it has been so amazing and we have had so much fun being completely spontaneous. Just like this particular weekend when we ended up in one of my favorite places, the quaint little Bavarian style town of Leavenworth WA. After cruising around the town for a while we headed out to a perfect spot we have camped in the past right on icicle creek to do a little playing in the water with the pup. I just so happened to be wearing my favorite skirt by Spell Designs which would not be the typical creek crossing attire but that was not about to stop me! The whole day ended up being so completely perfect, even down to the accidental swim I took by being pulled in by the pup. I was having such a great time I couldn't even be mad. These summer weekends are my favorite and i'm so glad we captured a few photos from this magical day! 

My skirt was left unharmed which also made me very happy at the end of the day because I am so in love with Spell and all of the beautiful pieces they create I covet every piece in my growing Spell collection! If you haven't already followed them and snatched up a Spell piece or two of your own I highly suggest doing that ASAP! It will quickly become an addiction, I promise! 


Spell Designs ✾ Margarita Crochet skirt

Feather and Skull ✾ Mustang Wrap necklace

Feather and Skull ✾ Vintage Harley tee

Minnetonka ✾ Outback leather hat

Bahgsu Jewles ✾ Cuffs (solar thunderbird cuff)

☀ DAYDREAMING ☀ August 06 2015

Wandering through the heart of my favorite park which is the historic site of the Fort Lawton landmark district. I love the historic old homes and buildings that were once officers quarters and have been preserved in there original state. They remind me of farmhomes with huge victorian style wrap around porches and makes me dream of sitting outside on a beautiful summer evening sipping tea. How I would love to love in one of these amazing places but for now I'll just have to admire and dream. 
Jay Nicole Jewelry ✧ Double suede bolo
Electric West ✧ Desert Dreamin tee
Feather and Skull ✧ own reworked flannel
Minnetonka ✧ Hi Top Zip Boot

✮ VINTAGE, LACE, & ROCK N ROLL ♫ July 20 2015

I am a music freak. I love it. Everything about it, live shows, the musicians, the instruments, the people you meet with the same obsession, the way it makes you feel, everything. I love spending time crusing through record stores which I wish there were still more of. I was blessed to be raised in a family where my Dad was in bands and my Mom was a singer so my appreciation for music began at a very early age. This can be the only explanation for my complete obsession with vintage band tee's. I have so many that sometimes it's a challenge when I open my closet to put together an outfit that doesn't somehow consist of either a band tee or a destroyed Harley tee. I would like to say that this is a problem but I am a firm believer that you can NEVER have to many vintage band tee's, or Harley tee's. I am always on the hunt for a good vintage band tee and take any chance I get to run through a vintage store or thrift store to check the racks. I also spend hours scouring eBay quite often in hopes of finding the next perfectly worn in band tee to add to my collection. Finding these treasures is not easy especially when you are searching for one of your favorite bands in particular so when one of your favorite labels comes out with the most perfect rendition of a vintage Stones tour tee you snatch it up with no hesitation! When I saw this tee from Daydreamer LA it was love at first sight and believe me it has been hard not to wear it everyday since I got it. It may not actually be vintage but I will tell you that it sure has the feel and as far as this girls concerned it is absolutely perfect and definitely gave me my vintage Stones tee fix. 
The Soulful Gypsy ✦ Janis lace bells
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang wrap necklace
Minnetonka ✦ Outback leather hat


☾It's alright if you love me, it's alright if you don't. I'm not afraid of you runnin away honey i got this feelin you won't☽  Tom Petty
Top Knot Goods ✦  Sawyer floral duster dress
Midnight Rider ✦  Tom Petty tank
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang wrap necklace

FIELDS OF GOLD ☼ June 29 2015

Walking in fields of gold, hearing the song playing in my head. I love music so much I believe there is a song for every event in my life and finding this path of tall gold grass I just had to stop and dance right through it. Twirling around in the breeze and feeling the sun on my face was all just so perfect. When we set out on our adventure this day we had a completely different plan that ended up not working out but as we drove through the "country" I felt like this was meant to be. Not to mention how beautiful the Stardust crochet kimono looked among the fields of gold..
Bijou the label ✦ Stardust Crochet Kimono
Feather and Skull ✦ Mustang wrap necklace
Torchlight Jewelry ✦ Thunderbird Pendant

☾ WIND IN MY HAIR ☽ June 26 2015


"Wind in my hair I feel part of everywhere" Eddie Vedder 


 Novella Royale ✦  Hitchhiker kimono

Spell Designs ✦ Fleetwood tee dress

Bahgsu Jewels ✦ Solar Thunderbird cuff

Feather and Skull ✦  Arrowhead ring


≪ KIMONO OBSESSION ≫ June 17 2015

I have come to realize that i have quite an obsession with kimono's, they are the perfect addition to almost any outfit. When you find one that you are absolutely in love with and the designer is someone as amazing as Yana of Tamga Designs you feel like you have just scored the ultimate jackpot! I was so fortunate to have connected with this beautiful soul through instagram which I have to say is my favorite thing about social media, meeting amazing like minded creative people like her. The minute I opened the package containing this fabulous kimono I was in love! The print is great and the length is perfect to throw over your cut offs, a summer dress or your bikini! I have honestly had a hard time taking it off since I've had it! If you have not checked out this label you really NEED to! And what is better than supporting awesome artists like Tamga Designs!
Tamga Designs ✦ Sheuli Kimono
Spell Designs ✦ Fleetwood Bustier
Feather and Skull ✦ Navaho Necklace

↞ PNW ADVENTURES ↠ June 11 2015

Finding beautiful little lakes tucked away in the midst of the forest is not a hard thing to come by in this beautiful area that we live in. It's one of the things I love most about living in Seattle, you can venture just outside of the city and stubble across the perfect place to hike or to relax by a serene lake or in this case take cool photos! I never take for granted the beauty in this world and I love taking time to explore! This day was so much fun and we even survived the wind storm and came out with some pretty great photos. I'm also extremely happy to say that i was able to climb the giant tree stump without falling off! 


Horseshoe boutique ✦ Naya Dress by Veronica M
Feather and Skull ✦ Penny Lane Necklace
Bahgsu Jewels ✦ Bracelets
Inverness and Crane ✦ Ring
Minnetonka ✦ Leather Hat

↫ TAKE ME TO NEVERLAND ↬ June 03 2015

Taking time to adventure into the woods and feel at one with nature is pure bliss. If i'm not running the trails of my favorite park or hiking one of the many beautiful mountain hikes were blessed with here in the PNW i'm dreaming up a reason to wander into the forest. You have to agree it makes a beautiful backdrop and feels almost magical. Definitely one of my happy places ♡
Feather and Skull ✦ Dakota Fringe Necklace
Free People ✦ Clipperton Fedora
Free People/Free Bird Boots ✦ Quartz Ankle Boot 

HOMETOWN HANGIN ♡ March 23 2015

I love weekend adventures especially when they involve road trips. I also really love visiting my hometown, the long drive, being on the road and that nostalgic feeling that comes over me just as I'm taking the exit off the freeway and into town! I have made that drive by myself many times through the years since I packed up and moved to Seattle to go to Art school. Usually the drive consists of a lot of singing and your typical road games to pass the time but the difference this time was that I had my partner in crime, my almost one year anniversary husband, and our puppy! Once we arrived the new adventure began. It was so much fun taking my love around the city and into the hills to some pretty amazing spots that i hadn't been to in years! For a whole day we wandered and made stop offs into some cool local spots for refreshments! It was truly one of the best days and so special to be able to show off my hometown to the love of my life, i can't wait for the next visit!
Spell Designs ◈ Bohemian Royale Kimono
Harley Davidson ◈ Vintage tee
Levis ◈ Vintage cut offs
Elle Mer Swim ◈ Leahi Top in Sand
Free People ◈ Up All Night Wedge Boot
Minnetonka ◈ Leather Hat
Feather and Skull ◈ Penny Lane Necklace


◈BOHEMIAN DREAMS◈ March 16 2015

◈ Bohemian Dreams ◈
Feather and Skull SS15 Lookbook Shoot
Photos by Michelle Moore
Hair & Makeup by Ryann Brady

When I began dreaming up this lookbook shoot and asked Nikki and Michelle to be a part I couldn't have imagined just how amazing it would turn out!  This day was incredible from start to finish with these amazing ladies! We started off on the beach building the most magnificent gypsy beach tee pee to set the stage for our bohemian gathering. As we froze our little booties off everything began to fall into place and it really felt like we were just hanging out in our own perfect paradise! 

Spell Designs - Kimono & Fleetwood Lace Shorts
Novella Royale - Janis Bells
Knot Sisters - Gypsy Tank
Vintage Fringe Jacket
Vintage Penny Lane Jacket

Sundaze at the Fremont Market September 30 2014


 Sundaze at the Fremont Market are starting to get a bit chilly this week so it was time to break out the sweaters! Luckily I'm always ready for the season to change when it's that time so I couldn't be more excited to layer up and welcome fall! Of course I will be not be putting away the shorts anytime soon since they are just a staple for me and I have already been collecting this seasons perfect tights and over the knee socks which will be making an appearance very soon!!

This outfit includes:

Free People - Clipperton Fedora
Vintage Harley Tee
Free People - Cascading Petal Short
Spell Designs - Lost Highway Flannel Shirt in Sunset
Matisse Footwear - Nugent Boot in Leopard
Feather and Skull - Arrowhead ring
Vintage Cowskull Bolo
All Saints - Grandpa Sweater